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  • What is the process from reserving my due date to giving birth?
    You will complete the reservation form to reserve your due date Please call Bailey at 678-322-7001 to let her know when you are in labor. She is available 24-7, so whatever time you go into labor, please let us know. Once you are admitted and are set up in Labor and Delivery room or your birthing room tell your L&D nurse or midwife, “I am keeping my placenta and have made arrangements to have it picked up once I have the baby”. Call or Text Bailey again, to let her know when you have delivered the baby and the placenta is ready for pick up (she will arrive as soon as possible (usually within 1hr depending on your location)
  • Can I still encapsulate my placenta if I have a Cesarean birth (C-section)?
    Yes, you can still encapsulate, and this will help you heal much faster.
  • If they send my placenta to pathology, can I still encapsulate?"
    Unfortunately, no. Once a placenta has been sent to pathology, there is no way of knowing what bacteria it may have come in contact with and in some instances chemicals may have been added to it rendering it unsafe for consumption. If you provider feels it is necessary to send your placenta to pathology, request that only a piece be sent, and that the rest stay with you and be immediately placed in proper storage. If it is discovered that there is a uterine infection, the placenta will not be safe for consumption.
  • Will the hospital release my placenta? How will I get the placenta from the hospital?
    Yes, all hospitals will release your placenta. Once you are admitted, please tell your L&D nurse you are keeping your placenta and they will have you sign a organ release form. They will put your placenta in a container (they will provide this container & ice) and I will then come and pick it up. Prior to labor, please keep your OBGYN/Care Provider in the loop on your wishes to keep your placenta. They can make sure to approve the release of your placenta.
  • What if I am delivering at a birthing center, what is the process for the placenta release?"
    Please communicate with your birthing center and midwife and let them know you have made arrangements for your placenta to be picked up. Please be familiar with the birthing center protocol. Bailey will get in contact with the birthing center prior to your delivery to make sure any additional information needed has been received.
  • When do I call you to come and get my placenta?
    As soon as you have the baby - we are open 24hrs and are built for late night/early morning pickups.
  • When will I receive my Bumpin Package?
    Within 2-3 days after pick-up
  • What is the cost of the Bumpin Packages?
    Bumpin packages range from $275-$325 (please see Services > Placenta Encapsulation page for details)
  • What method do you use to encapsulate the placenta?
    We use the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM). This means we steam your placenta at 220 degrees for 30 minutes to kill any possible bacteria or disease. Then the placenta is dehydrated, grinded into powder and placed into flavor capsules of your choice.
  • What sanitation guidelines do you use to ensure safety?
    All non-disposable supplies, equipment, and workspace are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each encapsulation. We are fully qualified in food hygiene and infection control. We comply with the OSHA, FDA, and EPA Guidelines.
  • How do I know I am getting my placenta?
    Peacefully Bumpin, only processes one placenta at a time. When your placenta arrives at the PB lab, a label is created, and that label travels through every step. We are fully transparent with our clients.
  • How many pills will my placenta make and how do I know how many I should take each day?
    On average one placenta can yield 100-300 capsules, depending on the size of the placenta. Dosage: 4 capsules per day – 2 morning and 2 in the evening with or without food Take the capsules as prescribed for the first two weeks of postpartum. If afterwards. you would like to cut back by half, you can. However, if you feel an emotional, mental or physical dive, please resume original dosage and finish it out. Keep capsules at or below room temperature or refrigerated This information will also be noted on your capsule container.
  • What if I test positive for GBS (Group B Strep)?
    It is still completely safe to encapsulate your placenta. As we only offer the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM), this method involves steaming the placenta at 220 degrees for 30mins, followed by dehydration. Any potential bacteria (Including GBS) is killed during the steaming process as bacteria and viruses cannot survive in temperatures higher than 131 degrees. I will also add 2 caps of vinegar to your steam for extra precautions.
  • What type of gloves are used during the encapsulation process?
    We use Nitrile gloves during the encapsulation process. We do not use latex gloves, because of the concern of allergies to our clients.
  • Does it have to be my placenta?
    We only encapsulate the placenta for the mother it belongs to (no ifs, ands or buts)
  • What is a tincture?
    Tinctures are liquid extracts with something dissolved in it, such as a placenta piece. They are usually extracted in alcohol.The tincturing of your placenta in high grade alcohol can increase the length and benefits of your placenta for both mother and child.
  • How long will my capsules last?
    TCM placenta capsules can be stored in the jar provided in a cold, dark place for 6 months OR transferred to a freezer for later use (menopause).
  • If I selected to have a piece of my placenta tinctured, will I have to pump and dump?"
    Because of the amount you are consuming (7-10 droplets (2-3 times a day)), it is not enough to have to pump and dump, but it is completely up to your discretion.
  • Am I able to select more than one flavor?
    Of course! Each Bumpin package comes with an automatic upgrade to flavored capsules ( Strawberry, Grape, Lime, Orange, Vegan, Coffee)
  • What are my payment options?
    After reservation, you will be sent an invoice for the $150 deposit (all major credit/debit cards and HSA/FSA debit cards are accepted), then once you receive your Bumpin package the remainder is due. *If you would like to pay in full upfront, please send us an email, so we are able to adjust your invoice amount.
  • How many colors can be selected for the placenta print?
    Please only select up to 4 colors.
  • What is the PB gift?
    The Peacefully Bumpin gift (PB gift) is a pre-selected gift from the company to you. This gift comes with each Bumpin Package.
  • When is the latest I can reserve my due date?
    Ideally, two weeks prior to your due date, but you can reserve your due date 2-3 days before or if you brought your placenta home, please give us a call ASAP to arrange pickup. (subject to availability)
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