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Step 1

Prepare the lemon, cayenne and ginger for the steaming process - Helps aid weight loss, inflammation and migranes/healing

Step 4

The placenta is placed in a stainless steel colander (Note: the colander has feet, so the placenta does not touch the sink) and is thoroughly rinsed

Step 7

Once cooled, the placenta is sliced in a quarter of an inch slices (the placenta will be brown on the inside - think about a well done steak)

Step 10

Once completely dehydrated, the placenta pieces are placed in a glass blender and grinded down into a powder form

Step 13

All non-disposable equipment and workspace is thoroughly sanitized

Step 2

Before removing the placenta from the container, a label is created with the moms first initial and last name

Step 5

Placenta is placed in the steamer with the lemon, cayenne and ginger and is steamed.

Step 8

The dehydrator trays are covered and the placenta slices are evenly spaced on each tray (for the umbilical cord keepsake, it is also placed on the covered tray)

Step 11

Set up the capsule station and begin to place placenta powder into the capsules (repeat until all powder has been encapsulated)

Step 3

The umbilical cord is cut from the placenta and cleaned in preparation for umbilical cord keepsake

Step 6

Once placenta is fully cooked, the placenta is placed on a glass cutting board to cool before slicing

Step 9

The placenta slices are ready when they are crisp like chips.

Step 12

Placenta pills are packaged, labeled and boxed

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